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The Godslayer Series

This series takes place on the world of Kayan, where gods and wizards fight for the future of the planet.

Elemental is the personal account of Agrad Verwyn.  It details his youth, his coming of age, and his ascension to full power as one of the ruling wizards of Kayan.

The Arcane War takes place over three-hundred years before Elemental.  It is the story of the wizards, and how they killed the gods to take their place.

Abomination continues Agrad's story and his quest to fulfill Agruet's plan.

Graves of the Gods delves into the aftermath of the Arcane War, how compromises had to be made to build a new society, and the bittersweet consequences that followed.


The Madness of Verwyn and Children of Chaos will continue the accounts of how the wizards reshaped the world in their image.

Still Waters and Other Tales is a novella and collection of short stories and deleted scenes that surround and enhance the larger story, solves a few mysteries, and proposes a few questions of its own. It can be read alone or along with Elemental.

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