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Here is a list of local events Tam has been confirmed as attending:

July 15

Payson Book Festival

Family friendly event that showcases Arizona authors and artists. This will be Tam's third year participating.

Sept 1-4


A local SciFi/Fantasy convention with a low membership cap to keep the experience personal and fun instead of spending the weekend in lines to see your favorite guests. Tam will be on multiple panels and will host a reading from one of her short stories. Look on social media and the CoKoCon website for more details.

Nov 10

RAVE - Readers and Authors Vegas Event

Part of the 20 Books to 50k conference, this event his held on the last day of the conference as an opportunity for readers to meet and mingle with their favorite indie authors after the biggest indie author event in the world. This is the only event Tam has scheduled outside of Arizona, so get your chance to meet Tam, join in on the Las Vegas fun, and meet your next new favorite author!

Jan 27

Tempe FanCon

Family friendly event put on by the Tempe Public Library for fans of all ages! There will be books, activities, and plenty of opportunities to shop for. Enjoy some bright January sun in weather that's usually perfect for coming out in your favorite fandom costumes.

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