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The Armory

Arm yourself with knowledge. I have PTSD, and I know I'm not alone with this. So, I'm adding some arms and armor against potential triggers here because sometimes you're just not in the right headspace for a beheading or two.

Everyone Dies Alone - death, bumps in the night, attempted rape, injury, religion

Elemental - parental death, death by fire, depression, war/battle, death by having a skeleton rip someone's throat out, stabbing, bludgeoning, attempted suicide, everybody's got PTSD

Still Waters and Other Tales - parental abandonment and neglect, attempted kidnapping, burning, shot by an arrow, so much PTSD

Abomination - plague, death, so much death, love interest death, violence, genocide, guns, more death, animal death (horse), more PTSD

The Madness of Verwyn - all the PTSD, that's all this is, pure PTSD, more warnings to come when the book is ready

The Arcane War - coerced sex, public shaming, beheading (but he had it coming), death by fire, parental death, is it incest if it's gods?, technically not cannibalism, war, explosions, some light PTSD for flavor

Graves of the Gods - battlefield cleanup, impending doom, child abuse and neglect, main character death, war, self sacrifice styled suicide, so much more PTSD

Children of Chaos - hold up, that's not finished yet

This is not a comprehensive list, but if you find something missing that should be warned for please contact me so that I can consider it for inclusion. I got lighthearted with the list, yes, but that's because everything looks SO MUCH WORSE in a list like this without context, and I was about to cry. I swear, none of this is gratuitous. I was just working through some stuff. Life's rough out there, guys.

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