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Short Stories

Aside - 2012

Once upon a time, Prince Morrow of Crystin fell in love.  He was willing to sacrifice anything for Kalalin.  Would she be willing to do the same?

Dawnsday - 2008

Agrad Verwyn isn't one for holidays, especially Dawnsday.  The summer after he first arrives at the Verwyn estate, he slips away to avoid the celebrations and has a frank discussion with Nalia.

fairy tale - 2006

Once upon a time, on a distant planet, there lived a fairy princess.  This sci-fi tale of horror was written for a Halloween contest hosted on LiveJournal many years ago.

Terminus Est - 2008

A fateful discussion at the end.

The Seer's Creed - 2008

The gift of prophesy has always been seen as a burden to bear.  A dizzying look into the chaos, and madness, of Seeing in symbology.

Undone - 2008

It can be hard to eulogize the one you love.  Jessica tries to share the right words to say goodbye to the girl she loved.

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