Short Stories

Aside - 2012

Once upon a time, Prince Morrow of Crystin fell in love.  He was willing to sacrifice anything for Kalalin.  Would she be willing to do the same?

Dawnsday - 2008

Agrad Verwyn isn't one for holidays, especially Dawnsday.  The summer after he first arrives at the Verwyn estate, he slips away to avoid the celebrations and has a frank discussion with Nalia.

Evil Minions Inc. - 2004

In the overlord's castle evil lurks, preparing for war against all things good and pure.  Yul, a temp minion from Evil Minions Inc., goes above and beyond the call of his normal duties to aid the evil overlord.  However, even the most professional of henchmen can only do so much.

fairy tale - 2006

Once upon a time, on a distant planet, there lived a fairy princess.  This sci-fi tale of horror was written for a Halloween contest hosted on LiveJournal many years ago.

Terminus Est - 2008

A fateful discussion at the end.

The Seer's Creed - 2008

The gift of prophesy has always been seen as a burden to bear.  A dizzying look into the chaos, and madness, of Seeing in symbology.

Undone - 2008

It can be hard to eulogize the one you love.  Jessica tries to share the right words to say goodbye to the girl she loved.