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The Job

In the back of his mind, Yul knew this one was a VERY bad idea.


Well, it was either very bad, or brilliant.


"You're sure you want to do it like this?"


"I can't think of a better way," his latest boss grunted, slipping in through the window.


Yul waited outside in the freezing cold, shivering slightly.  At least he got a fur coat with this assignment, since most of it was spent out in the snow.


"Quick.  Load those onto the sled."


Yul sighed, doing as he was told.  He hoped the guy he was standing in for appreciated this.  Not many evil minions worked on Christmas, after all.


"Now, do you see that mountain over there?"


Yul paused, whining slightly in the back of his throat.  "You can't be serious..."


"I told the agency to send a real dog, but noooo.  They said one couldn't be trained in time.  Well.  Listen up.  Max never gave me this much backtalk!  To the top of Mount Crumpet, and step on it!"


No amount of money was worth this.  He'd have to have a word with personnel when he got back to the office.  No more Grinches.

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