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Waking Up Again

Sometimes no news is good news.

Other times the bad news is so overwhelming that words cannot hope to convey even a portion of all that has gone wrong.

The last couple of years has been the latter. I've lost three of my uncles, my step-grandpa, my grandmother who stepped up and helped raise me when my mother gave up, a few friends and acquaintances, and a few beloved pets. My child has moved out, my step-son has gone through a divorce, our roof started badly leaking right next to my desk, I fell ill and recovered from COVID-19, I've had anxiety attacks and come close to a few mental breakdowns, and in all have been pretty overwhelmed.

I started writing to deal with adversity in my life, as a sort of self-therapy. I'd thought that maybe going through so much would give me plenty of fuel to write with, but instead it's been like trying to walk home drunk in a hurricane. I've kept walking, but it hasn't always been forward and I doubt I could call much of it actual progress. I think I've finally recovered enough to find my way from here, but that's only if life gives me time to catch my breath and get my bearings.

THAT SAID, it hasn't all been doom and gloom. Life never is. I still have supportive family, the best group of friends I could have asked for, and some of the greatest fans in the universe. My fans may be small in number, but you are all mighty and growing. Over on Patreon I reached my goal amount of $50/month and am busy working on "Still Waters" so I can get it out there ASAP. I've got readthrough on my series, which gives me hope that once I learn a few marketing strategies I might be able to pull new people into the world.

My ultimate goal is to make sure that the worlds I dream up don't die with me. I want to make the world a better place to live, and the best tool I've got is my words. Everyone reading this can help me with that goal, just by doing what you already love doing. Reading.

And I am eternally grateful to you all.

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