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Oh, Wow, I Did That

I have been a busy, busy author the last few months. From adjusting to new medication, to going to events and selling art and books (of course) I've been pushing myself in ways I'm just not used to. It's been a huge adjustment.

I'm coming out the other side with hope, story ideas, and the next book set on Kayan. In it, I explore the origins of the wizards, and how they attained their power. We've got a kick-ass heroine, unrequited love, some indulgent lust, and more magic than I know what to do with.

Aral Tennival and her little brother, Naran, are 17 and 9 when their parents die of a horrible disease. To make matters worse, Naran is wrongfully marked for sacrifice by a high priest of Garatara, the god of healing. Aral is not ready to let go of her only remaining family member, and is willing to fight the gods themselves to keep her brother alive.

Davri Beran is Aral's enigmatic best friend. His mother was a well known oracle, and it's rumored his family line contains divine blood. He's one of the most promising students at University Magica, but he gives it all up to help save Naran's life. Is he aiding them out of friendship? Or is there some greater purpose revealed to him by the visions he has had?

Krecek Alavraneth is a half elf priest. He's utterly devoted to the goddess of magic, heart and soul, but he can't help but wonder why the gods are so blind to the corruption he sees every day. Meeting Aral and Naran, hearing their story, strains his faith to the breaking point. Justice must be done. But, when he finds out that the ultimate goal of the rebellion is to destroy the gods, whose side is he really on?

To say I'm excited to get this out is a huge understatement. I utterly love these characters, and all the rest in the book. Even Nalia, as the wickedest of villains, makes me ridiculously happy.

I finished my third draft last night and sent it to my beta readers, so I'm on pins and needles waiting for them to get back to me about it. My editor has been keeping up chapter by chapter, and she's in love with the story. She agrees it's the strongest writing I've done yet. So, if you liked Elemental, I hope you'll love The Arcane War.

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