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Everyone Dies Alone

Most people think being a necromancer is easy work, if you can get past the ick factor of dealing with death.

They only see the glamorous side, the TV interviews, the big house, the expensive car.  My uncle played that up in the biggest way, indulging in all the comforts the family money could buy.  Behind the scenes, as his apprentice, I did all the dirty work.

Now my uncle is dead, and all this is mine.

His house.

His car.

His magic.

His undead clients.

And the demon in his attic.

Some days it's a crazy job, and you don't know where it's going to lead, but, well, it's a living.



I was just a child.

A wizard came to my town. He came to find me. In a fiery blast I lost my home, my friends, my family. The entire town was obliterated.

I grew up a fugitive, surviving on the charity of others. As I hid, my powers grew. The nightmares grew as well. Something was welling up from within me. Something that could not be contained.

As an adult I took my place among the wizards. I ruled my country as a figurehead, a puppet of those with greater power or experience. I wasn't to be trusted, or even talked to, for five long years.

The other wizards decided my fate. I was to be imprisoned, watched, guarded by the very wizard responsible for the death of my parents.

I had to lose everything, even my sense of self, before I found out who I was, and who my real enemies are.

The Arcane War

Priests ruled the world of Kayan. 

Their gods were capricious and unreliable, but rule in their name was absolute.

Naran Tennival was a child, an orphan, living with his sister, Aral. She was only a student at the University Magica.

Then the priests came after Naran.

Their struggle for survival will have lasting consequences, changing the course of history.

Witness Krecek, Aral, Raev, and Davri fall from grace and rise to ultimate power in the story that starts it all.

Praise for Elemental:

If you enjoy fantasy, magic and character motivations, you will enjoy reading this book.

There are many surprises in this story and I highly recommend it for those who appreciate high fantasy novels. This book is certainly an intimate epic and I am eager for more books from this writer.

John Paul Reid, author of The Medford Family Chronicles


I loved Agrad and the how he came to be who he is...  Do yourself a favor and read this book asap. You won't regret it.

Amazon Reviewer


Tam's world-building is fantastic in this novel, and I can't wait to see how it develops more in future installments! She also has a real gift for pacing and setting the scene, at multiple points in Elemental I felt so immersed in what I was reading that the time just flew by.

Amazon Reviewer

One of the best fantasy books I have read in a while...up there with all the big names, if not better.

If you like character driven stories that still have a clever plot, this one is your next must read.

Goodreads Reviewer

I thought this book was exceptional.

We get to see his entire journey from when he was a boy to a man. Watching him discover his core identity. Watching him discover love. It wasn't really a fast paced book but it was never slow.

I wish there was more...

Goodreads Reviewer


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