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Welcome to my worlds...


This is the website of Tam Chronin, author of The Godslayer Series, the Graceful Death Series, and several short stories of multiple genres. These are all proudly self-published without the use of AI in either content or covers. Tam writes inclusive stories usually featuring LGBT+ relationships. Also, happily ever afters are never guaranteed. (Please visit The Armory for a more specific and extensive list of trigger warnings.)

Everyone Dies Alone is the first in the Graceful Death Series, an urban fantasy/horror story that takes place in and around the Phoenix, Arizona area. The second book, Zombies Half Price, has been plotted out and started, but is on hold for the moment. For now you can read "Resolution" in the short stories section about one of Brian's clients in the mid-1980s.

The Godslayer Series is a high fantasy series in the world of Kayan, where wizards have overthrown the gods and stolen their power, and their souls.


Chronologically, the story begins with The Arcane War, telling the story of how a group of mage students banded together to save a boy's life and ended up killing their gods and taking over the world. This is continued in Graves of the Gods, where the newly ascended wizards face the challenges of establishing their rule, dealing with the remaining gods, and ultimately declaring war upon each other with tragic consequences. Finally, Children of Chaos concludes this prequel trilogy of the series, and concludes the larger series entirely.

The story starts in Elemental, taken from Agrad Leyfraiin's journals written after his rise to power and eventual fall from grace. Agrad is a boy who is born with the powers of a goddess. Not just any goddess, but the most powerful goddess of them all, Nalia the ruler of magic. His journey starts as he watches his parents die to protect him from the influence of the wizards. He spends his childhood on the run, finding new family, new friends, but unable to escape who he was born to become. He makes peace with Nalia in order to secure his power and subdue his enemies, only to regain the memories of the first Verwyn, Davri, who murdered Nalia and stole her powers for himself. He steps into his position as a wizard in time to see his country fall victim to a plague in the next volume, Abomination. The plague starts small, but it spreads quickly and no magic seems able to stop its spread. Agrad and his allies struggle to save the world from the spreading darkness, but unleash something even more deadly and dangerous in their attempt. Finally, in The Madness of Verwyn, Agrad has lost everything. Desperate, he turns to his nemesis to save the world from his own fractured soul.

This series can be read in publication order (Elemental, The Arcane War, Abomination, Still Waters, Graves of the Gods, The Madness of Verwyn, Children of Chaos) or as a pair of trilogies as outlined above with Still Waters falling somewhere between Elemental and Abomination. The prequel trilogy is told in a third person point of view, kept at a fast pace and packed with action. The Agrad trilogy is a relaxed introspection full of world building and gut-wrenching twists. The author is happy to let the reader decide how they would prefer to experience this saga.

Praise for Elemental:

Elemental is an engaging and fantastic book, the beginning book by Tam Chronin.

The main character, Agrad, is one of the most distinctive and interesting characters I’ve read in a long time and reminds me quite fondly of when I read the first Herald Mage book by Mercedes Lackey.

If you are looking for a new epic fantasy with an interesting twist on magic systems and interesting characters that explore sexuality and identity in a fantasy setting, giving LGBTQ youth and adults the opportunity to identify with those like themselves, then this first novel by Tam Chronin might just be what you’re looking for.

Andrea Rittschof, blogger and book reviewer at Duncan's Books and More


The world building in this book is great and I definitely recommend to anyone who loves dark fantasy!

Dani Hoots, author of the Daughter of Hades series


The book is a wonderful read....  Can’t wait to start the next one.

Diane Enos, local author


I loved Agrad and the how he came to be who he is...  Do yourself a favor and read this book asap. You won't regret it.

Amazon Reviewer


Tam's world-building is fantastic in this novel, and I can't wait to see how it develops more in future installments! She also has a real gift for pacing and setting the scene, at multiple points in Elemental I felt so immersed in what I was reading that the time just flew by.

Amazon Reviewer

One of the best fantasy books I have read in a while...up there with all the big names, if not better.

If you like character driven stories that still have a clever plot, this one is your next must read.

Goodreads Reviewer

I thought this book was exceptional.

We get to see his entire journey from when he was a boy to a man. Watching him discover his core identity. Watching him discover love. It wasn't really a fast paced book but it was never slow.

I wish there was more...

Goodreads Reviewer

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